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Bullet Sails offers a wide choice of materials

Bullet Sails can build your sails from most sail "fabrics" currently available, from basic Dacron to some of the newest high-tech composite membranes, which go beyond the traditional notion of woven fabrics.

D4 Loadpath membrane

Bullet Sails now offers the option of D4 Loadpath membrane from Dimension-Polyant (DP). In this sailcloth, the "fabric" itself is custom-made for the specific sail. Bullet Sails specifies all variables to match your needs, including

  • membrane type (film-yarn-film, or film-taffeta-yarn-film)
  • fiber type (aramid or carbon/aramid)
  • weight (light, medium, heavy)
  • sail type (main, #1, #2, jib, roller furling jib)
  • any number of reef-point locations
DP then custom laminates the sail sections with the strength fibers laid out by computer to follow the load paths, with the films then bonded together.

These pictures show the raw D4 Loadpath membrane for the mainsail for Werner Schwarz's K30, straight from DP. Bullet Sails will use this fabric to build the finshed main.

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We're looking towards the tack from the mid-leech. The fibers clearly follow the loads from the tack up and out to the luff, continuing on up the luff to the head. (The concentration of fibers at the left is for the first-reef tack point.)
We can see most of the sail, looking from near the head; the leech is on the right, with the tack left of center in the distance. P9030143.jpg
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